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Distance Learning

A Guide to Teleconferencing and Distance Learning
Carla Lane, Ed.D. & Patrick Portway


ASTD Technology-Based Learning
Michael J. Marquardt & Greg Kearsley

ASTD, 1998



Building A Web-Based Education System
Colin McCormack & David Jones

J. Wiley & Sons, 1997


Building Learning Communities in Cyberspace: Effective strategies for the online classroom
Rena M. Palloff & Keith Pratt

Jossey-Bass, 1999


Campus-Free College Degrees: Thorson's guide to accredited college degrees through distance education
Marcie Kisner Thorson

Adams Media, 1999


Computers in the Classroom
Andrea R. Gooden & Fred Silverman, eds.

Jossey-Bass, 1996


Dancing with the Devil: Information technology and the new competition in higher education
Richard N. Katz, ed.

Jossey-Bass, 1999


The Death of Distance
Frances Cairncross

Harvard Business School, 1997


Distance Education: the Foundations of effective practice
John R. Verduin, Jr. & Thomas A. Clark

Jossey-Bass, 1991


Distance Education: a Practical guide
Barry Willis

Int'l Society for Technology in Education, 1994



Distance Training
Deborah A. Schreiber & Zane L. Berge, eds.

Jossey-Bass, 1998


Kaplan Guide to Distance Learning
Kaplan Educational Centers

Kaplan, 1997


Peterson's Guide to Distance Learning Programs 2000, 4th edition
David H. Jonassen, ed.

Petersons Guides, 1999


How to Design Self-Directed and Distance Learning Programs
Nigel Harrison

McGraw-Hill, 1998


Leadership in Continuing and Distance Education in Higher Education
Cynthia C. Jones Shoemaker

Allyn & Bacon, 1998


Learning Networks
Linda Harasim, Starr Roxanne Hiltz, Lucio Teles & Murray Turoff

MIT Press, 1995


The McGraw-Hill Handbook of Distance Learning
Alan Chute, Melody Thompson & Burton Hancock

McGraw-Hill, 1998


Mega-Universities and Knowledge Media: Technology strategies for higher education
John S. Daniel

Kogan Page, 1998


NetLearning: Why teachers use the Internet
Ferdi Serim & Melissa Koch

O'Reilly & Assoc., 1996


Practical Guide to Computers in Education
P. Kelman, N. Roberts, C. Weiner, P. Coburn, D.H. Watt & T.F.F. Snyder

Addison-Wesley, 1985



Teaching and Learning at a Distance: What it takes to effectively design, deliver, and evaluate programs
Thomas E. Cyrs, ed.

Jossey-Bass, 1997


Teaching and Learning Materials and the Internet
Ian Forsyth

Kogan Page, 1998


Technology-Based Learning: a Handbook for teachers and technology leaders
Tweed W. Ross & Gerald D. Bailey

Scholastic, 1995