Distance Learning Programming and Resources

Listed here are a number of distance learning programs for K-12, higher education and continuing education for multiple technologies including video, audio, and computer conferencing. Where many providers began by offering programming for only one market segment, many now offer a range of programs which include courses for students, teachers, parents, industry/business, and the community. Many users subscribe to several program providers to meet their needs.




America Online Community Learning Network
Annenberg Corporation
for Public Broadcasting Project
Community Telecommunications Network
Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow CompuServe
Arts & Education Network Courtroom Television Network
Arts & Sciences
Teleconferencing Service
AT&T Learning Network Discovery Channel
Big Sky Telegraph Distance Learning Resource Network
BITNET Education Network of Maine
Black Entertainment Television Education Satellite Network
Blacksburg Electronic Village EDUCOM K-12 Networking Project
Bravo in the Classroom Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
Buddy System Indiana Electronic Schoolhouse, AOL
Bunker Hill Community College ESPN
C-SPAN The Family Channel
Cable in the Classroom FrEdMail
California Virtual University GALAXY Classroom
Cartoon Network Global Schoolhouse
Classmate Instruction Program Golden Gate University
CNBC Great Lakes Collaborative
CNN GTE Cerritos Project


from "A Technical Guide to Teleconferencing and Distance Learning," 3rd edition