Resources & References

    • Project Zero
      Harvard's Project Zero, a research group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, has investigated the development of learning processes in children, adults, and organizations for over 32 years. Howard Gardner and David Perkins became the co-directors of the project in 1972.

      Today, Project Zero is building on this research to help create communities of reflective, independent learners; to enhance deep understanding within disciplines; and to promote critical and creative thinking. Project Zero's mission is to understand and enhance learning, thinking, and creativity in the arts and other disciplines for individuals and institutions.

    • Search the ERIC Database
      This is a general resource provided by the US Dept of Education to search the extensive ERIC Database. It's always a good place to start by finding reliable information e.g. Check out Brain-Based Learning : URL which is an ERIC abstract list on brain based research

    • Learning Styles Resources for K12
      This site has links to a number of other educational sites and useful information about learning styles.

    • Multiple Intelligences In The Classroom
      This is a chapter from a book by Thomas Armstrong about using multiple intelligences in the classroom.

    • CIO Magazine - March 15, 1996 - INTERVIEW: Howard Gardner
      This is an interview with Howard Gardner about his work i multiple intelligences.

    • K-12 educational materials: brain-based learning
      Zephyr Press, Inc. ( carries/sells a number of resources about learning, the brain, learning styles, and multiple intelligences. Our purpose is not to have you buy something, but only to let you know that it does exist.

    • Learning to Learn URL
      This Canadian Web site is a course but it has a number of resource links at the resources page.