The Education Coalition (TEC), a non-profit agency, is the leader in innovative web-based training courses designed to appeal to multiple intelligences and learning styles. Dr. Carla Lane's research is used internationally by designers of educational materials for students whose learning style is something other than reading and listening to lectures. Research and courses designed by Lane's coalition have been used in PBS TeacherLine,California State University, Johns Hopkins University as well as many others.


TEC’s Community Corrections eLearning Collaborative (CCELC) courses provide educational training for probation and parole officers and other corrections personnel through innovative training methods designed to reach every learning style. The  asynchronous courses are available any time and anywhere and remove obstacles to learning.

CCELC Courses

CCELC courses include the following:

Orientation to Online Learning

Officer Safety in the Commumity

Introduction to the Supervision of Sex Offenders

Motivational Interviewing

Individual and Group Cognitive Behavior Approaches

Family Dynamics and Domestic Violence

Pennsylvania's Juvenile Act

Why do CCELC courses work?

Everyone has a learning style that is made of different ways of learning from graphics, interaction, text, video, audio, discussion, testing, and collaboration . Everyone needs to be taught through all their senses according to their dominant and subdominant styles. TEC courses do this very effectively through trained online facilitators, videos, characters acting out practical, real-life examples, text, audio and assessment. With these tools, students are able to practice the concepts and integrate them more effectively into their daily lives.

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