CCELC Course Catalog

Orientation to Online Learning

For students who are new to CCELC online learning, a short orientation is required to ensure that they become familiar with the technology, learning environment, facilitated learning, syllabus and other components.  Depending on the students' technology expertise, they spend fifteen minutes to one hour a day for several days.

  • Assessment of dominant intelligences and learning styles
  • Matching your learning style to an instructor's teaching style
  • Removing the obstacles to your learning
  • How to plan your learning
  • How to find and use resources for your learning style
  • Applying what you know
  • How to work in a facilitated environment

Officer Safety

in the Community

As the law enforcement component in community corrections has expanded, so has the ned to ensure that officers and their supervisor learn appropriate ways to protect themselves in offices, streets and home visits.  No other training is more important.

Introduction to the

Supervision of Sex Offenders

Sex offenders hurt more people than just the vistim.  Society's ambivalence toward sex makes treating sex offenders more difficult.  The course summarizes knowlede about sex offenders and victims, articulates treatment components, identifies containment model parameters, describes differences etween specialized and traditional supervision. 

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  • Family Dynamics & Domestic Violence
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Individual & Group Cognitive-Behavioral Approached
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Supervising the Sex Offender
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Motivational interviewing
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Officer Safety in the Community
    • Intermediate
  • Methods for Juvenile Justice Officers
  • Intervention for Women Offenders in Probation
  • Methods for Juvenile Female Offenders
  • Working with Victim Advocate Programs
  • managing Offendes with Mental Health Issues
  • Managing Drug Offenders
  • Victim Restitution
  • Developing Life and Work Skills
  • Testifying in Corut


Motivational Interviewing

MI helps people change problem behaviors.  It is a direct, client-centered counseling approach to promote change by helping clients explore and resolve ambivalence.  MI provides a toolbox of aproaches to help clients recognize and do something about present or potential problems.  It is particularly useful to motivate people who are reluctant or ambivalent about personal change.  Topics include the States of Change Model.

Individual & Group

Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches

This course focuses on cognitive-behavioral approaches as a tool to assess and intervene in the lives of clients.  Many participants are exposed to cognitive behavior approaches in their work.  This course heps them enhance their work by providing language for cognitive behavioral approaches.  Community correction administratos, managers, program designers officers and resource staff will benefit from this course.

Family Dynamics & Domestic Violence

Focuses on working with and engagng families when working with adolescents or individuals, supervising the abuser, with discussions about families and adolescents from a strength-based perspective. Student sexamine complex cases of domestic violence and relationship dynamics.

Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice Act

CCELC helped Pennsylvania design an online Academy course for new juvenle officers.  Prior to this, new officers had taken the course at the new officer Academy that was offered twice a year.  CCELC changed it to an online course that offered once a month to new officers by Pennsylvania instructors.  The new probation officers get the training when they need it and a full day of the two week Academy was freed which represents substantial savings.


Introduction to Online Learning  $15

All other courses $95 per student


Courses start every week on Monday


Content courses are accreditated for 16 hours by the following organizations

  • California - STC


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