A Message from TEC's Executive Director

Students need to be prepared to live, work and be contributing members of a global economy. The complexities of daily life require people to come to the workplace with transportable skills. These skills should be useable in a broad variety of job environments and include the ability to think and work collaboratively.

Our vision of education is to increase literacy by establishing distributed learning systems and services that enable the learner to become a receiver, processor, transformer and disseminator of knowledge. This learning process is facilitated through multiple delivery systems which include interactive internet, live video, cable, satellite, computer, CD-ROM, video disk, and related technologies which address the different learning styles of students.

In 1993, The Education Coalition was founded with the belief that, through the use of technology, learning will take place in schools, homes, workplaces, libraries and other community agencies.

I hope you will join with The Education Coalition to help all learners harness the powerful forces of learning through technology.

Carla Lane, Ed.D.

The Education Coalition (TEC) is a not-for-profit educational organization, created in 1993 to serve the needs of the business and education communities. We are comprised of diverse agencies from across the nation working together to promote systemic educational reform through the use of multiple technologies. TEC includes elementary, secondary, and post secondary schools, educational agencies, broadcast agencies, and high-tech industry corporations.

TEC works to create new public educational systems, models and partnerships. We serve as a focus for development, dissemination, research, advocacy and funding related to educational change and the use of technologies. We provide models of change for students, staff and business communities that include content, processes and products vital for educational change and which incorporate all available local and national resources. We help build a climate of readiness and understanding of change, and the need for change, in education and business communities across the country.