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Implementation: Best Practices in Distance Education

Implementing Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles in Distributed Learning / IMS Projects pdf

Instructional Design for Distance Education

Instructional Design Matrix for Learning Styles and Multiple Media pdf

Instructional Design Research

Instructional Management Systems Will Change How Education is Designed & Delivered

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Interaction In Distance Education Research

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Interpretation of Innovation Adoption by Concerns Based Adoption Model (CBAM) pdf

Introduction to Distance and Distributed Learning

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Legislation, Accreditation & Regulation of Distance Education


MTP Distance Learning Evaluation 1997-1998 pdf

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Planned Change & the Adoption of Distance Learning


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Professional Development Cost/Benefit Analysis Research

Professional Development Model for Distance Education

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S.B. 1822, the 1994 Communications Act



Star Schools

Star Schools Project Evaluation

Star Schools: Reflections on the Program After 8 Years

Steps to Change in Distance Education

Strategic Planning for Distance Education

Strategies for Implementation & Adoption of Distance Learning pdf

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Summation: Distance Education Technology


TEAMS Evaluation 1992-1993

TEAMS Evaluation 1993-1994

TEAMS: Project Impact Evaluation 1997-98 pdf

TEAMS: Project Impact Evaluation 1998-99 pdf

TEAMS: Project Impact Evaluation 1999-00 pdf

Teaching-Learning Model for Distance Education

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