TEC Advisory Board

Chair: Joanne Carle-Accornero

Marshall Allen
Director, Institute for Telecommunications, Telecommunication Center, Oklahoma State University

Susan Arndt
Vice President, Marketing Strategies, GLA International

Ted Christensen
Assistant Vice President, GW Television, George Washington University

Shirley Davis

Weskey A. Doak
Director, Access Sacramento

Tina Ebey

Terri Hedegaard
Vice President, University of Phoenix Online

Jolly Holden, Ph.D.
Executive Manager, Distance Learning, AT&T

Alec Hudnut
President, University Access

Daniel Lee, Ph.D.
Vice President, Educational Development, Hewlett Packard

Joan Leonard

Janet M. McMahill, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, School of Education, Drake University

Inabeth Miller, Ph.D.
Executive Director, The Jason Project

Michael G. Moore, Ph.D.
Academic Director, American Center for the Study of Distance Education

Michael O'Dell

Virginia Pearson-Barnes
President, GB Communications

Ken Pulvino
Western Regional Sales, ILINC

Joel Rokow
President, American Training International

Gary Rath
Vice President Bay Area Region, Pacific Bell

Jacquelyn Siminitus
Director of Education & Libraries, Pacific Bell

Wendell Smith, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor, University of Missouri - St. Louis

Betty Sproule, Ph.D.
Manager Internet Imaging Operating, Hewlett Packard

Ray L. Steele, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Information and Communication Sciences, Ball State University

Dr. Harry Wohlert
Professor Emeritus, German by Satellite, Oklahoma State University

Alex Wong
Program Manager for Education, Intel Corporation