TEC Affiliates & Resource Agencies

·Access Sacramento, CA
·Alameda Office of Ed., CA
·Albuquerque Public Schools, NM
·American Training International
·Anaheim Unified School District, CA
·Andrews University
·Arizona State University
·Arizona Greyhills Academy
·Arizona Department of Education

·Ball State University, IN
·Bank of Montreal
·Boston Public Schools, MA
·Brain Power Learning Group
·Brigham Young University
·Busch Public Schools

·CA State Dept. of Ed., Adult Ed. Division
·CA State University System
·CA Distance Learning Project
·Centers for Disease Control
·Centers of Excellence, Walt Disneyworld
·Chase Manhattan Bank
·College of Eastern Utah
·Contra Costa County Office of Ed., CA
·Converge Magazine
·Cooperating School District, MO

·Distance Education Consortium
·District of Columbia Public Schools
·Drake University
·Dreamworks SKG

·Eastern New Mexico University
·Eastern Shasta County, CA
·Elkhart Public Schools
·Emery Unified School District, CA

·Fontana Unified School District, CA
·Fielding Institute, CA
·Follett Publishing

·Galef Institute
·GB Communications
·George Washington University
·GLA International

·Howard University
·Hughes Global Services
·Hughes Network Systems

·Intel Corporation

·John F. Kennedy Library, MA

·K-Mart Study to Work Program
·Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
·Kent State University
·KY State Department of Education

·Laguna School District, NM
·Laredo Community College, TX
·Laredo Public Schools, TX
·The Learning Society, IN
·Los Angeles County Office of Education

·MA College of Communication
·Macomb Community College
·Mooresville Graded Public Schools, NC
·Mount Diablo Unified School District, CA

·NEA National Education Association
·Net at Two Rivers, CA
·Nevada Department of Education
·Nevada PBS Stations
·Nevada K-12 Agencies & Organizations
·New Mexico State Dept of Education
·New Mexico School Districts
·New Horizons for Learning
·New Caanan Public Schools, CT
·Northeast Boston College of Communications
·Northern NM Network for Rural Education

·Oakland Unified School District, CA
·Objective Communications
·Ohio University
·Oklahoma State University
·Oregon ED-Net
·Oregon State University
·OTAN - Outreach & Technical Asst. Network

·Pacific Telesis Foundation
·Pacific Bell
·Peace Corps, World Wise School Program
·Performance Learning Systems
·Productivity Point Int'l.

·Queen's University

·Regional Media Centers Assoc. of Michigan
·Riverside County Office of Education, CA
·Riverside Unified School District, CA
·RODEC - Ozarks, MO

·Sacramento County Office of Education, CA
·Saddleback Community College
·Sierra Nevada College
·SNCAT Cable
·Summit County, CA

·TEAMS Star Schools Project
·Texas Educational Service District
·Texas Tech University
·TLR - Technical Learning Resources, Inc.
·Training Solutions

·University of Akron, OH
·University of Great Falls
·University of California System
·University of Louisville, KY
·University of Missouri System
·University of Washington
·US Air Force


·Wilson Learning